Calming Sensory Centre

Opening Soon: Calming Sensory Centre by Premier Sensory Boutiques & 10 Ways Our Calming Sensory Environment Can Help You (2020 Edition) No

The Under Responders: A Quick Look at the Other Face of SPD

When we talk about Sensory Processing Disorders, there are two common images of children that come to mind Sensory Seekers First, you

The Latest At PSB: Calming Sensory Room For Our Happy Client and Bulk Orders, Too!

The PSB Team would like to share some positive vibes and happy news to everyone as we recently converted an unused garage

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

As parents, we are our children’s most important support system most especially if you have a child dealing with Sensory Processing Disorders

Start Your 2020 Journey With PSB’s Weighted Sensory Products

Weighted blankets and toys are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to calm down. Whether you have a child with

The PSB Christmas 2019 Quick Gift Guide: The Sensory Edition

Make a meaningful gesture this Christmas season. One of our calming, sensory products may just help change someone’s life for the better.

Tantrum or Something More? Decoding Sensory Processing Disorders

Let’s not be too quick to judge. A simple tantrum is usually more than it looks. Let’s take a look at some

Sensory Relaxation Tips & Tricks: A Sensory Hallway For Your Home or Office

Sensory hallways are not just for elementary schools! The PSB team gathered some amazing tips and products for you to turn an

3 Sensible Tips for Creating A DIY Sensory Room

Eager to build a great sensory room for a loved one with special needs? Let the experts at Premier Sensory Boutiques help

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