Sensory Calming Spaces

We are patented specialists in setting up calming, sensory environments.

Premier Sensory Boutiques designs and builds calming sensory rooms that have been proven to help individuals with diverse challenges to calm and settle down effectively.

How can a calming, therapuetic space help?

According to the Medical Journal of Australia, depressive and generalized anxiety symptoms doubled for people who live in COVID-19 affected areas.

The pandemic has caused many people in our communities to stay in complete isolation.

One of the most distressed by isolation are the elderly residents in aged care facilities. While they need to stay in their rooms almost 24/7 for their safety, their emotional well-being is significantly affected.

Calming, therapeutic spaces will include the right sensory tools that will help the aged cope with the mental and emotional challenges of isolation.

Boost your clients’ emotional health and decrease stress levels with Premier Sensory Boutiques Calming Sensory Spaces

We set up calming sensory spaces in the following areas:

Whichever option you choose, our goal is to offer and create a calming space to help patients and residents focus and relax, especially during isolation.

We create a haven of calm. The image shown above is one of our recent sensory room projects.

Benefits of COVID-safe sensory spaces in communal areas of your facility:

We furnish calming, sensory spaces with furniture designed for relaxation.

Our Sensory Items Are COVID 19-Safe

Our primary focus is on providing safe, hygienic patient care. If you’re concerned about transmission of the

COVID-19 virus, be rest assured of the safety of the
sensory products we offer:

Sensory items in private rooms are not shared
between residents so do not pose risks
for transmission of diseases.

Sensory items in communal areas are easy to
clean and sanitize.

Our team is available to help with any concerns

Invest in your clients’ emotional and mental health with Premier Sensory Boutiques

Our expertise in setting up custom calming spaces offers an amazing way for people of all ages to relax, reconnect and calm down.

We set up in:

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