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A brand-new product for sensory rooms – the virtual environment

Virtual Magic Room

Virtual Magic Room (projection design) is a brand-new product for sensory rooms that let’s you project live animations in any environment.

Our software’s live projections create relaxing environments which turn rooms into unforgettable magical worlds/events.

The virtual environment is easy to use and does not require any special computer skills. It is also a useful tool for nursery teachers, educators, speech therapists, psychologists.

Customize your own environment from a wide range of animations which include among others:

• An aquarium
• Sea world
• Food
• Space
• Mountain landscape

PSB Virtual Entertainment

Premier Sensory Boutiques specializes in creating sensory spaces for people of all ages.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, our team of sensory experts has worked very hard to put together complete product packages to fulfill the needs of individuals with developmental and sensory issues. Our products also work well to achieve calming, relaxing spaces in both your home or office.


How can sensory environments help you?


Sensory environments are essentially therapeutic rooms that are specially designed to promote brain arousal and boost relaxation. Our products are specially made for sensory rooms that bring about a calming environment to embolden the sensory pathways.
When we set up sensory rooms, our goal is to produce a soothing and relaxing effect on individuals prone to anxiety and frustration. Studies also show that sensory rooms encourage and stimulate sensory development for people with special needs.

Research also shows that multi-sensory amelioration has been known to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain that then has positively affects an individual’s focus and motivation.

Premier Sensory Boutiques creates sensory rooms to help people in their fight against various health conditions like ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

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