Standard set with a laptop and 2 projectors


Software for the Virtual Magic Room (interior projection mapping):

  • Perpetual license for 1 projector
  • 1000 animations
  • 1-year subscription for new animations
  • 1-year software updates
  • Multi-projector use, up to 2 projectors


  • Short throw projector, 3500 lm (2 pcs.)
  • Laptop, connection up to 2 projectors
  • HDMI cable (2 pcs) + ceiling bracket (2 pcs) + adapter

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Virtual Magic Room (projection design) is a brand-new product for sensory rooms that lets you project live animations in any room.

You can see flowers on the wall, butterflies, hearts… You name it. A wall can turn into an aquarium, a mountain landscape, or a starry galaxy. If it’s a New Year celebration, then falling snowflakes, Christmas trees and Santa Claus waving to your guests is your choice.

It has a relaxing effect on both children and adults and turns any room into a magical world.

Positive emotions for your kids guaranteed. See the video below.

Some aspects for sensory rooms:

  1. You can make a huge projection on a ceiling or on any wall. In small rooms ranging from 10 to 25 sq. meters, the average projection size of a short-throw projector is from 3×2.25 to 6×4.5 meters. The distance to the projector is 2 to 4 meters. The projector can be aimed at a wall, ceiling, or angle.
  2. A wide variety of animations – from 500 to 1200. The animations change automatically after a specified period of time. You can see different types of animations: nature, sea, underwater world, landscapes, animals, space, sky, holiday-themed effects, hearts, flowers, fire, snow, water, fireworks, abstractions, cartoon animations, and much more.
  3. You can create your own animations. You can easily embed your own pictures or photographs, texts, videos into the projection. For example, you can add your kid’s name and photo – positive emotions guaranteed.
  4. The projection “feels” the interior. You can limit the projection area in the program, so it does not cover paintings or other objects in the room. You can also create a projection in a specific area – for example, add some effects to children’s drawings on the wall or create projection paintings.
  5. Regular updates. New animation types are released every 2 months. You can always surprise children with new animations.
  6. Simplicity. The program is easy to learn. There is also a video tutorial. We provide free technical support.

Mobility. The projector can be placed on the floor, chair, table, and aimed at the wall or ceiling. You can make space, sky, fireworks projections on your ceiling. Install it on a bracket under the ceiling and the projection will be aimed specifically at a wall.


  1. – Interior projection mapping (presentation without people and voice in the video)
  2. – Virtual environment in a sensory room
  3. – New Year sensory room in kindergarten
  4. – New Year projection decorations
  5. – Projection design in a kindergarten
  6. – Presentation – interior projection mapping


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