PSB Fiber Optic 32W


Individuals with Autism, ADHD or dementia normally find themselves awed by the changing and flashing Fiber Optical Lights. The physical touch and stroking of the fibers brings out all the calmness and makes it fun.

To that effect PSB has now in stock an LED RGBW Fiber Optic Light Source Kit that best suit this type of sensory environment.

The light has a double operation system which can be remote controlled or via Bluetooth

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Some of the attractive features of this app-controlled decoration are:

  • A 16W RGB LED light Bluetooth engine and *0.75mm*2m optic fiber * 500/600pcs ropes.
  • Besides its 20 dynamic modes in any colour, It also has static modes in the chromatic ring as well.
  • The multiple display effects can be synchronized with the music notes through the music control function. Hence, this forms a highly impactful visual effect that is also relaxing.
  • The sensory LED lights are encased in a gold/black coloured aluminium shell that can tolerate a temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees.
  • Furthermore, the 50000 hours working life comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Furthermore, it also has an IP33 rating on electronic products.

The overall height of the kit is 9.5cm while it is 19cm long and wide with a packaging weight of 0.986kg


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